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Become A Partner

We are continuously expanding our business and distributing our products across all countries.  We are looking for motivated retailers and distributors worldwide. 



1. Whom do we work with?
Retailers who strive on creating an exceptional experience for their customers and distributors who work with these types of facilities. We work with Luxury Gift Shops & Upscale Boutiques throughout the world.

2. For Retailers Looking For Consignment Consideration
Please submit the following information:

  • Collections you are interested in

  • What makes our brand a good fit for your business

  • Your target audience

  • Store Address (What is this area known for?)

  • How long you have been in business

  • Please submit pictures of both inside and outside of the store​

  • Type of Insurance you carry and coverage

  • Amount of Traffic that comes through your area

  • Do you advertise or market your store if so how?

  • Do you advertise on social media (Please submit all social media accounts info)

  • Which outlets do most of your sales come from?

  • Where do you plan on featuring our pieces in your store? (Please send a pic)

  • Please provide three vendors for reference?


3. For Distributors 

Please submit the following information:

  • Collections you are interested in?

  • Current territories you handle?

  • The territory you are interested in?

  • How many brands do you currently work with?

  • Types of customers you sell to?

  • What trade shows do you attend?

  • Distribution fee?

  • Average monthly volume amount you intend to purchase?

  • How do you advertise?

  • Do you attend events/trade shows?


USA 1-323-484-1601

Whatsapps 1-876-314-3469
A deposit of at least 10% of the total price of your order

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