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Life Coach and Krisallis Founder Lisa Anderson announced she will be offering clarity readings starting on September 18th


Aug 27, 2022

Gain Clarity About Difficult Life Questions

Nationwide: Spiritual Advisor and Krisallis Founder Lisa Anderson announced today that she will be offering clarity readings on a weekly basis starting on September 18th. There will only be 25 spots available per day, and appointments for new clients run from Sunday to Wednesday from 5am to 1pm PDT. Sessions are conducted via video call and must be booked in advance on Krisallis’ website. Along with their clarity readings, clients will also have access to a supportive community of meaningful weekly content, signature events, courses, and coaching sessions to help to regulate their reality.

Clarity readings are a form of therapy that has been around for centuries. Unlike traditional therapy, a client does not have to say much, and Anderson is able to pick up what is going on in the client’s life using the power of energy. In fact, what a client says may be contradictory to what they are actually feeling, and Anderson will be able to pinpoint this for utmost clarity. Each session is different and is based on the energy that comes in at that moment. Clarity readings are beneficial for people from all walks of life. There is no gender, religion, age, or social status that disqualifies a person from benefiting from a clarity reading. However, Anderson is selective about her clients, and will only work with an individual in the stage of acceptance and ready to make important decisions. During the clarity reading, Anderson will help the client focus on what they want to achieve and provide guidance on how to get there. This is a unique opportunity for people who want to gain clarity about their relationships, career, love, and other important life questions.

Many clients are able to uncover trauma, belief systems, and fears that may have been preventing them from making important life decisions. Anderson does not tell a client what decision they should make, but the client is given the tools to understand what they are dealing with. Additionally, blind spots are often revealed in these clarity readings, and this allow clients to be held accountable and move forward in their lives. Many find that their clarity readings help them take back the driver's seat in their own lives and start feeling in control. Many also report that clarity readings help keep anxiety, overthinking, restlessness, and stress levels in control.

Benefits of booking a clarity reading session with Krisallis:

● Beneficial for people from all walks of life

● Gain clarity for making important decisions

● Reduced anxiety and stress levels

● Eliminate blind spots

● Supportive community

● Meaningful content, events, and courses available

Important Information:

● Weekly Event starts September 18th, 2022

● Appointments for new clients run from Sunday to Wednesday from 5am to 1pm PDT

● Sessions are video calls

● Must be booked in advance

● Only 25 spots available per day

About Krisallis: Inspired by love and a passion for personal and professional growth, Krisallis' goal is to help their clients obtain clarity and move forward in their life paths. Led by founder Lisa Anderson, Krisallis is dedicated to helping their clients figure out how to enjoy a full life. They offer clarity readings, life coaching, and business coaching, which can all be booked on their website. Krisallis states that what makes their services different from others is their intense compassion. They take the time to provide solutions for their clients and do not only want to assist their clients in their journeys; they want to be a part of their journeys.


Lisa Anderson

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