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Be Willing To Walk Away From It All

 In the darkness, you learn more about your journey, who you are, and the strength you truly hold within. In the light, you see all possibilities. Every day brings a new day to explore a new path. Regardless of the length of your Journey, never be afraid to venture where you have never been before.

It Takes Courage To Walk Into Darkness And Determination To Walk Out

Think of your journeys as pathways to new playing fields. Each field has a different level to achieve, but it requires new tools and a renewed mind to master. As your coach, you will find my sessions to be liberating and helpful in achieving your end results.

Below, you will find a list of areas I can assist in. 

Financial Freedom

Understanding your spending habits

Your  relationship with money

Revenue vs Debt Ratio

Ways to Maximize Revenue

Ways to payoff debts

Learn about your risk levels

Creating a financial Plan 

5% Challenge

Finding Your Purpose

Discover your passion

Understanding Your Make Up

Beauty In Pain

Meaning of Sacrifice

Experience and Purpose

The Battling Of The Mind

Working Through The Storms

Resting Places

Fighting Power

Your Circle Matters

Create Your Zen Space

Planning & Designing Space For Intentions

Choosing Zen Elements To Bring In Flow

Utilizing Numbers/Colors/ Shapes In Space



Career Development

Image Building  & Presence

 Handling of barriers 

Increasing effectiveness/proficiency

Career exploration

Building Confidence

Professional Growth/ Direction

Working w/ strength /weakness

Network Building & Credibility