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Financial Freedom

Understanding your spending habits

Your  relationship with money

Revenue vs Debt Ratio

Ways to Maximize Revenue

Ways to payoff debts

Learn about your risk levels

Creating a financial Plan 

5% Challenge

Finding Your Purpose

Discover your passion

Understanding Your Make Up

Beauty In Pain

Meaning of Sacrifice

Experience and Purpose

The Battling Of The Mind

Working Through The Storms

Resting Places

Fighting Power

Your Circle Matters

Love & Relationships

Life After Divorce/Separation

Choosing The Right Person

Healing After A Break-Up

Keeping the romance going 

Connecting with your partner

Dealing with conflicts

Deciding when to let go/hold on

Dealing with outside influences

Understanding The Person You Are  With

Career Development

Image Building  & Presence

 Handling of barriers 

Increasing effectiveness/proficiency

Career exploration

Building Confidence

Personal Pitching

Professional Growth/ Direction

Working w/ strength /weakness

Network Building & Credibility

Spiritual/Life Coaching FAQ's

Why Would I Want A Coach?

Making changes in our life is not always easy. Changes make us uncomfortable. Change makes us at times fear the unknown. Having a coach is like having your cheerleader, guide, and unbiased pair of eyes. Everyone has blind spots. Having a coach/advisor allows you to see things from different perspectives, challenge yourself, accomplish a task that you find challenging, and save money on issues that you could have avoided had you had a person with the knowledge to guide you.

How Do I Know If You Are The Right Coach For Me?

I am a patient person who has always believed in accomplishing the impossible. There are no obstacles big enough that can not be removed. I coach from experience and knowledge, and truly want others to succeed. I am patient, compassionate, and a very resourceful person who believes with the right guidance anyone can accomplish what they truly want in life. 

How Does Coaching Work?

The first session is always the discovery moment. This session allows us to set your goals, and expectations and set the pace of how our future sessions will be conducted in the future. Coaching is a two-way street that requires having an open mind about what is important to you and how badly you want to accomplish this goal. It is up to you to stick to the schedule and show up even when you do not feel like it. Your hunger for wanting something bad enough should be the reason why you show up. You have to be willing to follow the program to the T and most of all believe in yourself that things will change. 

How Many Sessions Do I Have To Take?

The amount of sessions you take is totally up to you. Your goal will determine how many sessions you will need to accomplish your goals. I am just here to help make your process smooth and to stir the ship through thought-provoking questions and give insights when necessary.

Who Is Life Coaching Best For?

Life Coaching is for individuals who are looking to take their life to the next level. The best candidates are clients who are looking forward to accomplishing future goals. These clients are not stuck in the past or dealing with trauma that requires counseling but more so looking to tackle a goal he/she is looking to achieve in a certain period. Life Coaching is an excellent tool to get through the cluttered mind syndrome, the procrastination period, and the fear of not being able to achieve the task on one’s own by having an expert by your side every step of the way. 

Work/Life Balance

Time Management

Change Management

Habits & Routines

Value Alignment

Living In The Present Moment

Finding Peace Within

Understanding Your Suffering

Creating Calmness

Releasing Of Negative Forces

Replenishing Positive Energy

Over Coming Obstacles

Winning Mindset

Power of Manifestation

Law of Attraction

Energy Forces/Influences

Understanding The Source

Building Stronger Relationships

Active Listening


Loving Communication

Dealing w/Cultural Difference

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