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Welcome To Krisallis!

Just like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, so can you. Come Be Transformed! At Krisallis our programs are built around  Self, Awareness, Balance, and Flow. We strive to continually leave our members with the best feelings and great impressions on every visit. Krisallis offers Intuitive Life & Business Coaching Programs, Retreats, Clarity Readings, and Meaningful Content to help individuals get back on track, stay focused, and move forward on their life journeys.  Through our growth-minded community, our members will be able to solve problems, balance their energies, make strategic decisions, recharge their minds, and feel confident within in order to overcome the challenges on their life path. We aim to make every moment of your time as enjoyable as possible!

Home: About Us

The Story of KRISALLIS

Inspired by spirituality, love, and culture combined with a passion for personal/professional growth, Krisallis caters to individuals from all walks of life. From realizing the catastrophes in our world today to developing a terrific desire to help individuals find their purpose and initiate personal growth, Krisallis was born. Today, we continue to proffer business growth, relationship success, and career and personal development solutions. Whether you are a professional in a specific field or an individual seeking insights and guidance to navigate the most challenging aspects of life, our goal is to ease your mind, provide clarity, and a way to move forward on your life path. We are not just a privately-owned brand that inspires others to be the best versions of themselves; Krisallis is all about transformation, enhancing an individual's outlook on life and confidence to enjoy a full life. Our programs are built around four principles (Self, Awareness, Balance, Flow). We take pride in our diverse business approaches, from One-on-One and Groups to Retreats, to creating weekly content that inspires an individual's success and happiness. We offer unlimited opportunities for accessing virtual spiritual and business retreats, live and self-paced courses, group coaching experiences, meaningful weekly content, support groups, and signature events that evoke growth and self-confidence. Additionally, we offer a membership opportunity to join the Cocoon and access all-inclusive support/services when you need them.

Our gift at Krisallis, what sets us apart, is our distinctive sense of compassion for wanting to help others attain the next stage in their life's journey by using our spiritual gifts, knowledge, real-life experiences, and hands-on examples. We understand people differ by culture, personality, life experiences, environment, and preference. We believe everyone needs a change as they continue to enter different stages of their life. We strive to look beyond the surface and get to the root of your concern. Not just jumping into situations, we understand risks, obstacles, and challenges well, whether in business, career, love, or life itself. We know how to remove the blindfolds and lay everything on the table to give you a complete view of your current situation. When you work with Krisallis, you will discover we mesh numerous key elements together as part of our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We go above and beyond to help you achieve relaxation, mental clarity, focus, confidence, and re-balance your energies at all times.

Our sessions are refreshing, insightful, and motivating to keep you going, and help you remember who you are. As a client, you will discover more about yourself, obtain confirmation and affirmations, gain clarity, and receive directions to make decisions to move forward in your life. Cause, in life, events will happen that can make you question your very own existence and path in life. In some circumstance, you will get confused, stuck, and pressured down by life's twists and turns and start to look for answers. Consider Krisallis a haven where you can gain insights, release low vibrational energy pits, incorporate balance, and achieve flow in all areas of your life. Krisallis is here to assist you in your life or professional journey. We do not want to just hear about your journey; we want to be a part of it.

Our Mission
To bring unique coaching programs and healing services that encourage you to be the best version of yourself. This allows you to express yourself and also serves as a motivational gift to your loved ones. We aim to evoke special feelings, love, and delightful experiences, even for the most stubborn spirits.


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