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Can this relationship work out?

How do I balance things between my partner and me?

Is he/she the right one?

Why is he/she distant from me?

What is his/her feeling towards me?  I want understand my partners' thoughts/needs

How can I communicate better with my partner?

What can I do to move forward?

Why am I having a hard time finding a partner?

How do I move past infidelity?


Should I switch careers?

What type of career will best suit my personality and lifestyle?

How do others view me?

Should I take a leap and leave my current company?

Which of these job offers should I accept?

How can I feel comfortable in my work environment?

Imposter feeling/Not belonging

Performance/ Growth/ Opportunities

Am I going to lose my job?

Why the loss of motivation/feeling drain at work?


Why do I feel like things are not working out for me?

How do I move past my past traumas

Where should I be focusing my energies right now?

Am I on the right track?

Energies around a move?

How do I move from feeling stuck?

How Do find purpose in my life?

What is hindering my growth?

How can I start embracing life?

How can I attain inner peace?


Any business questions/concerns!!

What challenges can I expect?

How can I drive more clients?

How do you see expansion going?

How can I move this business forward?

Will this business deal work out?

Can I trust the person I am in business with?

How will this project be perceived?

Is this the right time to make a major purchase or invest?


How Do I Obtain A Clarity Reading?

The first step is to sign up as a member of the site. The signup button is located at the top right on the menu display. Please visit the Book Online Tab to request your appointment or you can call in to see if we have any cancellations for anything sooner. Please book the appropriate time you need as you will not be able to extend your time during your reading due to appointment space being limited per day. Choose your time slot and the country you are in. In the comment section, please include your city, and state, A team member will approve the booking if accepted. A deposit is required to reserve a space for you and it is not refundable if you do not show up or arrive late to your appointment. We allow 1 Reschedule as long as the request was made 2hrs before the start of your scheduled appointment.  

How Do I Reschedule?

Through your membership panel, send your advisor a message requesting a reschedule. Please submit two dates with a time range option that works for you. Once the advisor approves the date you will receive a notification confirming the date via your member panel.

Clarification After Live Video 

If your video ends while the advisor is in the middle of a sentence, please check your member panel message area for the end of the conversation. If you have any additional questions or comments, please book a reading. Messaging area is not meant for venting to the advisor or continuing with the reading. Once your live video STOPS, YOUR READING IS COMPLETED.

Are Clarity Readings Right For You?

Clarity Readings are great for individuals who are seeking to understand their circumstances whether this is in career, business, love, or in life. Clarity readings can offer an opening to see what is hidden in thoughts, energy, and spirit. Clarity Readings are a good way to confirm what you may already be feeling inside, calm anxiety from overthinking/confusion/being stuck and gain insights into the overall picture. Some individuals also seek Clarity Reading as a form of guidance, a way to get reassurance and gain a total understanding of what they are dealing with. KRISALLIS' Clarity Readings is not for spying on others' life but to help you become clearer on the stance you need to take to improve your chances of being on the right path, happier in your situation, and clear-minded in decisions you may have to take to get to your end. Clarity Readings is not about telling you what to do but providing you with information that can help you make choices on what will work best for you. Clarity reading is all about you taking ownership of your own life and giving you another tool for you to help gather information about yourself.

Do Clarity Readings Provide Real Results For Individuals Who Use It?

KRISALLIS' Clarity Readings can provide you with real results if you are going into this looking to solve your problem and willing to accept that you are the only one who is in full control of your life and there are possibilities that you may have to make some adjustments in or to get the situation to change for the better. Clarity Reading is all about providing you with insights. The decision to make adjustments will always be up to you and how you feel about your situation. There is no one-cut answer as results are based on what individuals believe is possible, actions willing to take, mind being open to reality, and most important being at a stage of acceptance. 

Questions I Will And Will Not Engage In?

If the situation does not involve YOU do not ask me. So no prying into others' private life. I am not here to tell you if a couple is going to break up.  Their business has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU so AGAIN DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IF you ARE NOT PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN THIS SCENARIO.

All questions are allowed as long as they are specific EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:

(Do not waste my time or your money)




Booking Information

You must be 18 years of age and a member to conduct any type of business with KRISALLIS including CLARITY READINGS. By making a payment and booking a session, you accept and acknowledge that you are 18 years of age and a KRISALLIS member.  KRISALLIS does not conduct clarity readings for the general public so you must be a member of our site to obtain this service.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE A READING CAN BE CONDUCTED.


What Can I Expect When I Come Into A Session With You?

I am a very calm, loving, and patient person. I will listen to your questions and look at the whole situation before giving you an answer. I am not here to judge you nor will I ever treat you differently whether this is your first reading or your tenth reading with me. You will find that I will tune into the energy surrounding the situation and give you full insights from all angles of the situation. My sessions tend to be very informative, liberating, and respectful. Not all the time you would like what I have to say, however anything I tell you will be unbiased of my personal opinion and based on the energy I am picking up at that particular moment and based on the current energy as energies are fluid.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Reading?

To get the most out of your reading, please come into the session with an open mind, a positive attitude (I am working off of the energy you give off.), and also the intent to communicate with me as I have no control over what is coming up in the reading. For example, I may see that you have great opportunities present, and everything is showing very positive for you but I see you are experiencing anxiety and feeling stuck around it. I will ask you questions surrounding your feelings about that particular issue. I ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of that particular issue to give you an accurate answer. Your participation is needed in reading. My goal is to have you leave with answers so you can make a decision that is right for you not to leave you more confused than before.

Do You Give Time Frames?

 I do not believe in giving time frames as I do believe things can change at any moment. Time is fluid and you obtain your rights of free will which can alter how things play out at any moment. It also stops when you put a time period on something. When you want something to happen now you have to believe it is already being granted to you. I tell my clients to think of it already happening and take the proper steps to make things happen. You will always remain in control of your own life.

Regarding Seeing Into The Future And Timelines?

Though I can see and feel events, people, circumstances, and more I cannot see when these events will exactly happen. So I will not give out a timeline. Also, keep in mind, references to the future/timelines and outcomes are based on potentials, possibilities, and probabilities at the time of the reading and based on your actions, inactions, and other people’s actions or inactions and due to interpretation as to what was said at the time of the reading, you understand that clarity readings should be used for information purpose only and Advisor is not in no form of was inferring you to take any form of action base on the reading only. Neither the advisor nor KRISALLIS' do not make any claims of future events coming to fruition due to the act of having free will. Advisors can only read the energy of what is revealed to he/she around the situation happening at that moment.

What Information Do You Need From Me?

I would like you to provide me with your full name DOB and if another party is involved their information also. I would like for you to give me a very brief summary of the overall situation, and what is bothering you and have your questions ready to go.

How Do Career/Business Readings Work?

This is best done when you have choices to make about particular fields, the course of action you are looking to take, understand how others perceive you, check on your performance, and have an idea of what you want to do in your mind. Please have the parties' full names ready to go.

Can You Connect To A Loved One Who Has Passed To The Other Side?

Yes, I can. But, I rather not indulge in Mediumship work. This is not something, I like to dive into and I personally rather stick to what I love which is Business, Career, Relationships, Life Questions & Self Awareness Readings. I am intuitive with strong Clairvoyant, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and  Clair-cognizance.   

Do You Do Readings On Health And Legal?

I will not advise on medical, pregnancy, or mental health issues as I am not a doctor. The same goes for legal advice, the best option is to ask your lawyer or health care professional. 

What Is Your Reading Style?

My style tends to be detailed and focus on the energy of the full situation. My messages are direct and sometimes actually spoken in the way I hear or see them. At times, I speak exactly word for word the same way the message was given to me as I know this is the spirit knowing this is only the way the receiver will understand.  I tend to be compassionate, honest, straight to the point, and straightforward.  If I have to deliver news that is not what my client would like to hear, I will deliver it respectably. I understand how bad news makes others feel so, I will always deliver it in a way that will never make you feel uncomfortable. It is about getting you the insights so you can make the choices you need, not hurting your feelings or judging you. 

Do You Use Tools To Read?

 I do use imagery tools as well. Depending on the situation, I will use the appropriate channel to provide you with the information you need.  Sometimes my messages are delivered through visions, angel numbers, voice, or again tools such as images.

What Should I Do After I Have A Reading?

Take the time to clear your mind and gather your thoughts. With the information you just receive, take into consideration all details and see what changes you can implement to make things better for you. There is always room for improvement whether it be revamping, letting go, or moving forward, simply taking the time to apply attentive listening and deep understanding to the situation. You have the power to change many things, however, it is up to you to do it on your own.

Another Reader Told Me Something Else?

Readings can differ based on approaches, perspectives of the reader's angle, the information given at that time, your energy at that time of the reading, your actions were taken since the last reading, and the motive of all involved.

Why In The Reading Did Most Things Come Up About My Past Instead Of The Present?

In this case, what you will find out is subconsciously you are still holding on to unsettling feelings there. This could be caused by trauma, being hurt, or unresolved feelings. Sometimes you do not realize what you dislike and try to disconnect so much from is still laying deep within until something triggers it and comes out. You may not think about it however the feeling is still there just buried deep in the mind.

My Last Reading Was  Different From This Reading.

Remember you are working in the spirit world. Readings are done base on the pure energy of that situation which was presented at that particular moment. The energy around a situation is always changing. What happened yesterday, maybe something different tomorrow as humans remain in full control of their actions. With that being said, yes, you can have two different readings based on what is happening at the particular time you are getting that reading. Now if it is a case where you are having two readings done on the same day or very close together by two different readers, ask yourself which angle is the reader looking at your situation from, what is the reader's intention, and are there any similarities in the information you are receiving.

I Did Not See Any Change.

There are always actions to take. If you did not do your part, you cannot expect anything to change. 

Upon booking and payment, you agree that the messages you receive are not a substitute for any advice, treatment, or program you receive from a licensed medical, legal, financial, or psychological professional. There is no guarantee or implied warranty and I will not be responsible for any interpretations, decisions, or actions taken by my clients.


 KRISALLIS offers a high level of informative information, and it should be used for informational purposes only.

Clarity readings are for educational, spiritual, informational, and self-reflection purposes only. KRISALLIS accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on the reading offered. 


  Full Clarity Readings Terms and Disclaimers Available Here

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