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Active-Work From Home

USA, UK, Mexico

Do you absolutely love what Krisallis stand for and would like to help us to continue to spread our message to others while making an income?

As you know, KRISALLIS is more than just a brand that provide meaningful services. KRISALLIS loves to empower others to grow. By joining our team, You will be offering others the opportunity to transforms their lives. Many individuals are looking for programs like ours that offers more than a self help guide and a cookie cutter program . People are looking for real life solutions to cross through barriers in their life whether professionally or personally. At Krisallis, we understand people need more than just an instructor, an advisor but someone who actually been through the battle fields and are willing not only to guide them but to answer questions  while they go through various stages of their life.  Our programs is giving people who love, appreciate and believe in our services the opportunity to share our programs with and earn an income. As a partner, we can grow stronger,  give people back their confidence and help them find their true path again.  


To Qualify:

Must be a firm believer of our services and product

Must be self driven

Willing to learn everything about our company and services

Able to work online and offline when necessary

Must be very positive, motivate, and an excellent team player

Dedicate a minimum of 4hrs a day for 5 days to this project (You choose your hrs)

Computer literate

Get Paid For Your Time

Must have a paypal account in order to get paid

For Online Only Opportunities:

Group Moderators- Are you passionate about a particular cause or subject dealing with personal growth, upliftment, spiritual growth, business,  community rehab, real estate,  finance or mental health. This is person must be able to post one particular topic every day in the group whether something interesting, motivating, strengthening economies, inspirational, or helpful. You must be able to recruit, engage, run challenges, host an event, interview special guests, and grow your group. As a group moderator you will be in charge of monitoring all group activities and building trust within the community. Our group is to help people move past barriers and not a place to gossip or to spam each other. It is a place to help people support one another and uplift each other. Dedication of three hours a day is needed to run a group. (Moderators are paid bi-weekly)

Brand Representative- Must be able to attend conferences, events, and festivals on behalf of our company. You will have to set up your own station, hand out marketing materials, run giveaways & contests, answer questions about our brand at these events. You would also be require to collect personal data  and also educate potential clients about our services.  You are paid per event you attend and will be mail all marketing material ahead of time. (Open to individuals  living in the USA, UK, Mexico (Must be bilingual)

Personal Assistant- Must be great a proof reading, copy editing, posting materials on various channels, preparing pdf, presentations, editing videos, answer calls, speak bilingual, and be able to organize events.

Event Planners- COMING SOON

  1. Must have a platform you share your contents on

  2. Must have a following base of at least 5000 with high engagement (40% of those followers must like or comment on your items)

  3. Your page must not promote negative or hatred content

  4. Page must be well put together

  5. Must be able to participate in online events,  

  6. Post about a product on your social media platforms, Post on online message boards or chat groups, Write reviews on customer review sites, Review a  service on your blog, Invite friends to events via social media sites

  7. Recruit, Organize, and Run A Group Online 

  8. Organize, Host,Promote, Attend & Participate live & online events

Requirements: For Offline Only (Can choose to do both online and offline or just one) 

  1. Distribute marketing materials like stickers or posters

  2. Wear branded uniforms or clothing items, such as t-shirts or hats

  3. Provide samples or product demos in stores or shopping malls

  4. Organize, Set up and run tables at conferences or other events

  5. Gather valuable information at the events

  6. Present our  services to new customers in B2B or C2S markets

  7. Organize & Host a live, local or online event


What's In It For You

  1. Profit Sharing- Earn 20% on any sales that comes through your link or your sales channels

  2. Lifetime Discount of 20% off on your own purchase for yourself only

  3. You position yourself as an authority- Your adding another income just by simply sharing your opinion or making a recommendation

  4. Work will be fun and not boring

  5. You will get free content and ideas to share  (Great space fillers)

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