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Life & Business Coach Lisa Anderson


Every Caterpillar Must Turn Into A Beautiful Butterfly! Be Transformed!
Highly compassionate, creative, and intuitive, Lisa Anderson is a compelling Spiritual Life & Business Coach whose sole mission is to leverage her powerful gift to support others with their individual growth journeys. As the Founder and Owner of Krisallis, Lisa enjoys being able to help others move past their barriers in order to move forward on their life’s journey.  Lisa’s clarity readings, growth strategies, and healing techniques are truly cultivating, meaningful, and strikes transformations that surface authenticity and soul awakening.

Help Your Audience Regulate Their Reality With Meaningful Talks With Lisa

Love & Relationships

Distance In Love

Will I Find Love Or My Person

Emotionally Involved But Not Committed

Knowing When To Let Go

The Whole Package, What Is Missing

The Price Of Having Others Involved

Are You Ready For A Relationship

How Much Time Do You Really Have To Give

It Is Not Always About You

Finding The Powers To Fight Back Within

Regulate Your Reality

Understanding Your Suffering

Know Who You Are

Having The Power & Will To Overcome Obstacles

Releasing Of Negative Forces

Feed Your Soul

Pamper & Reward Yourself

The Power Of Your Center

Resting Places

Career & Business

Winning Mindset

Thick Skin

Energy & Environment

Do Not Take Things Personal

Stand Firm In Your Decisions

It's Okay To Walk Away

Know Your Worth

Everything Comes With A Price

Transparency Pushes Respect