Celebrating Moms Around The World

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Mother Day’s day is an occasion which is celebrated all over the world. This day, no matter what the date is, used to express gratitude and love to our Mothers or mother figures.

Celebrating influence of mother in society includes buying flowers, candy, or most important jewelry.

This appreciation cannot be demolished through any animosity or any obstacles a child has faced with their Mother. Reminding us that there is no greater love than the love of a Mother may have for their child. This day is not limited to biological mothers but to any women who has given their love and support to a child in need. This day can be celebrated with grandmothers, aunts, and even sisters. It is an occasion to celebrate maternity and with Spring in full affect it is the perfect time to celebrate life.

Jewelry has the ability to highlight a women’s personality and bring out the best in her outfit as well as features. It allows a woman to truly make a statement with her presence as soon as she walks into a room, which is why it is the perfect gift.

Diamonds as Marylin Monroe used to sing are a girl’s best friend. But, in all honesty women love anything that catches the human eye. Whether it be silver or gold these accessories are the perfect addition to any women’s collection. But buying something extravagant is not going to necessarily make her feel special. Understanding the recipient’s style is the key. Let’s face it some women are not like Marylin Monroe, for me there are three types of women you buy jewelry for:

Marylin Monroe: Loves the glitter and the glam and will wear anything that glimmer and shines till your blind. Usually buy them a diamond or Cubic Zirconia ring, necklace, or earrings.

Drew Berry More: Simple and classy will wear something to add a little glint to an outfit Anything with gold with a demi sparkle would be perfect.

Angelina Jolie: Only wear jewelry when the occasion arises. For them you can’t go wrong with a simple silver necklace or ring

If you are struggling to find pieces that match any of these women, head on over to Krisallis’s main website and scroll through the pieces that are available. There are an array of products to choose from all special with their own meanings.

My personal favorite is the Deep Dive Ring, this beautiful Swarovski Element comes in a beautiful blue and pink stone. While the blue is significant color for Mother’s Day a bright pink will be the perfect gift. It’s not only beautiful but its affordable allowing you to show her you care all while saving some dough.

The jewelry Krisallis produces will make your Mother’s Day special. It may be just a gift but to her it means the world. Hey, if she does appreciate it and doesn’t wear it and you are a daughter like me; you can take that bad boy out for a spin. This will show her what she’s missing.


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