Code Of Silence

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

For years many organizations has kept their mouth shut about what happens internally within their organizations. Some have ignore problems, others have covered up issues, and few have simply force other employees to drop the subject. Clients, customers, employees, and bystanders have complained about numerous issues. Some are fixed internally while others are over looked causing harm or stress to someone.

When problems are not solved at the local level it becomes a building block for more garbage to fuel the fire. Today in America, this issue is seen through the Criminal Justice System. A system many individuals are too familiar with on all levels. Just like any businesses, people are seeing the aftermath of the effect it is having on communities nationwide.

No business is not excluded from an explosion. It is just a matter of time before people blow their fuse. Business boards can put in all the review boards they like in their organization. Your board is just as good has the ethics of the person who is running that board and organization.

People tend to turn a blind eye until things hit home or a fire is exploded. What the public is seeing in America today, is years of concern citizens lashing out from unanswered complaints, no change, decades of injustice on all levels of government.

Think about your organization how long does it takes for you to respond to a complaint? Do your organization have an us against them attitude towards your clients? What is put in place to reprimand employees who actions are perceived as negative? How many chances are given to an employee before they are fired? What compensation is made to the victim?

Code Of Silence affects everyone. The organization, management, employees, and customers. It tarnishes public image, creates internal and external trust issues, loss of profits, and victims in the end. Many organization may feel like they are not responsible for their employee's decisions, however as the employer and leader, your organization is accountable for the actions of your employees and contractors.

Every organization should have a Code of Ethics put in place. This should be the tool used through out the organization's daily activities. From the hiring of employees, to handling of disputes internally or externally, and choosing how to handle issues that involves higher management levels.

It is important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Without such environment, people will never feel free to share their opinion, blow the whistle, or simply assist in solving the problem. Many times the ball is dropped at the upper management level. These leaders should be held accountable for the amount of complaints that are overlooked. They should be reprimanded and not shown favored for poor judgement and lack of leadership.

When organizations create victims and unhappy customers, you lose your right for support.

Business of all kinds whether government or private is a two way relationship. Both requires respect regardless of how intense a situation maybe. Your duty is not to hurt others but to solve problems and not to disrespect others but to respect there is a problem.

Code Of Silence can only be solved when the person running the board truly understands what lead one to be a victim, what is it to have compassion for another human being, how does the situation affects all parties involved in the long run and what the worst case scenarios can lead to in the end of an unsolved issue. Only then, you can create a door to breaking true silence.

Justice For All

It is time to break the chains and bracelets from off our feet and hands. It is time to take a stand for what is right. We are not to be mistreated, ridiculed, or defeated. We are a meant to stand tall.

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