Feeling Defeated

This morning I woke up and I had a list of items I had planned to accomplish today. As I started my day and began to tackle my to-do list, I heard disturbing screaming and dogs barking sounds coming from my backyard. Of course, I have two dogs and my neighbor literally has about twelve dogs. Usually, in the morning time, my dogs usually greet the neighbor's dogs with about two minutes of bark time then both sets of dogs calm down.

This morning the barks were intense and sound like a cry for help. To my surprise, I was shocked to find two big dogs attacking one of my dogs. My other dog who is smaller than the one that was attacked was standing on the sideline trying to help but you could tell felt so helpless. I hear all my neighbor's dogs barking for help. My first instinct was to run back into the house however, no one else was here to assist with trying to stop the dogs from attacking my dog. I hear my poor dog howling for help and in pain. As much as I sprayed the dogs with the hose those dogs refused to back down. These dogs were so vicious, and just tearing my dog to pieces.

Feeling very nervous, I stood on the balcony and started throwing a few stones at them. Finally after about three minutes of throwing stones which felt like an eternity for me. The first dog ran and the second one finally let loose of my dog as I began to throw bigger stones at him. As soon as the dogs ran off. I notice how fast my dog ran back into his area and rolled in the dirt. He laid there for a while with a look of defeat on his face like his soul was just ripped apart. My dog normally a happy-go-lucky fellow got up and began walking towards me with his head held down.

I could see the look of defeat on his face knowing that two dogs came into his own backyard and attacked him. Feeling helpless and anxious myself, I understood the feeling as my nerves are still rattling three hours later. It broke my peace of mind and also the good vibes I had going into the day. Until now, my thoughts are all over the place as I could have been attacked myself. The worst part is seeing those dogs determine not to let go of my dog. As I check on him a few minutes ago, He just laid in his house with sadden look on his face. The feeling of defeat was written all over his face.

Defeat is a harsh emotion to get over right away especially when something unexpected happens. Many of us are face with unexpected circumstances that throw of our day. It makes the day just seem long and dreary from the moment that unexpected incident occurs. It is okay to bask in the feeling as acknowledging this feeling is a great way to release it. Take as much time as you need to get over this feeling. Just remember tomorrow is another new day and defeat is only temporary.

Though the incident lasted for about twenty minutes the actual feeling and impact can last for hours and days which can sometimes feel like a lifetime. Remember the incident may have left you feeling defeated but you yourself were not defeated. Take a moment to lick your wounds then get up and try again.

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