From Three Incomes To One

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As Covid 19 placed a damper on income streams, others are finding ways to cope. Meet Jessica Tillman. She is an entrepreneur, voice over talent, and a actress. Covid times has affected everyone is some form of way. For Tillman, her biggest change has been managing her finances. Like most people, loosing a chunk of your income can put a strain on a family's budget making one wonder what to do next. Jessica decided to check into what options were available to her.

According to Tillman, "Luckily, self-employed and independent contractors were included in the expansion of unemployment benefits, so that has help tremendously." Today, Jessica has diverted all her attention to growing her online store. The platform which she uses has chose to deferred all seller's payment fees at the moment. "It is such a wonderful way to help sellers."

As a small business owner, every penny counts. If one can save just a few dollars here and there go for it. Many companies are waiving or discounting rates for people to convert their businesses online. During this time, take advantage of all that is offered.

Jessica Tillman has been able to maintain a business and home life balance. Her advice to all business owners working from home is to be mindful of your time. "If this is your first time working from home, give yourself some grace if you don't finish your to-do list, especially if you have kids at home. Only put 3 things on your list, instead of 5-6 items. Prioritize those 3 items. Every Monday, I list the things I want to accomplish. This usually keeps me busy for the entire week. Now that we are all home, find time to exercise and eat healthy meals because if you like the work you do, you can easily find yourself working for hours without eating and finishing your work too late to exercise. So make those things a must-do, in order to relieve stress during these uncertain times. "

As there are always decisions to be made in business, Tillman ponders on changing the handling time frame of shipping. " The one thing that I haven't been willing to change about my business is same-day shipping. I still drop-off packages at the post office, when I could change it to 2-3 day handling time. In order to have USPS pick up my package at my door instead of going out."

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