Keeping A Bounce Back Attitude

In today's world where things are becoming more unpredictable from people to finance, people, are worried about what will happen from one minute to another. I realize no matter how much you might try to avoid the worst sometimes the worst coming looking for you. Yes, sometimes our own actions can provoke change, and other times change happens without your knowledge.

The key to dealing with such abrupt changes is to accept that we can not always control the situation that causes the change. Whether this has to do with a break-up, loss of job/income, illness, or simply economic changes, remember to not to be hard on ourselves. Many of us tend to panic, worry and begin to think the worst instead of taking an approach of the higher powers are my strength and supplier of all my needs and I am in control of my situation.

By saying this, we accept the fact that we (ourselves) are the most prized and valuable asset we have. As a valuable asset, we come with certain unique gifts, ideas, skills, and communication tactics that can get us back in the game immediately. Accept that the world can utilize what we have in us. It is all about creating a plan, to package and present our gifts to others who actually have use for them.

To worry or panic, means we doubt our ability to bounce back and our true worth. See when we know we are a valuable asset and believe in ourselves as a natural resource, we begin to think differently. We do not think about lack instead our focus is on creating new opportunities. We begin to think about all of our skills, contacts, resources we can utilize to make things happen for us. The thought of failure is neutralized and our core focus becomes drive, determination, and making things happen.

Yes, all doors will not be open right away. Yes, we will go through some sleepless nights. Yes, we will still think about finances from time to time. The difference is these thoughts will not consume us as we know it is a matter of time before another window of opportunity will open for us and all we need to do in the meantime is to stay focus on planting seeds that will allow us to reap our harvest.

By constantly planting and moving in a progressive direction, we will eventually open not only doors but also doors that we did not expect to open also. Bounce Back Attitudes allows us to understand that life will happen regardless of how much we try to prevent, plan or minimize problems. When life happens, get in the mindset of knowing valuable assets are never disposable. Valuable assets always in great demand throughout the world. We just have to place ourselves in the right environment to make such assets be appreciated and shine.

Companies can not be profitable without people. Relationships can not exist without finding value in each other. It's we as people, who make decisions on what we believe to be valuable. Just remember the next time you are caught in a situation of feeling hopeless, that one person's decision does not determine your value. You determine your value. The old saying still exists today. One man's garbage is another man's treasure. Therefore do not question your value, instead, know your worth.

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