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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The key to a thriving business is always making decisions based on your vision and most importantly, your mission. Having a clear mission drives the business forward and sustains it. Reminding the team of the overarching WHY? keeps business authentic and honest. Customers react positively to consistency. Branding is all about being consistent with how your mission is communicated in every aspect of the operation. Going back to basics can drive inspiration to stay active and planning for your business post-pandemic.

Krisallis’ CEO Lisa Anderson, shared insights on how she has been able to maintain the new economy created by COVID 19 using her mission to bring positivism and encouragement through her beautiful jewelry collections.

Lisa believes in working with people that can see the vision and share your same values because it helps make everything tolerable. “God knows there will be moments of storms in life. However, storms pass. During a storm, the most you can do is secure your house and endure”. COVID 19 is just a storm.

Businesses have to find ways to endure. One of the ways Krisallis chooses to endure is by understanding what their customers are going through. And the way that they are trying to understand and cater to customers is by dedicating a part of the platform to talk about how business and business people are weathering through these trying moments.

Krisallis is showing up to their customers and business partners specifically in the following ways :

  • Sharing stories that inspire.

  • Promoting each other and supporting others' businesses.

  • Invested in an email campaign to include valuable information that can help clients grow and continue to do business.

“Our economy is not perfect, however, COVID has allowed us to think on a broader level of how we can be of service to others.”

Uniting and collaborating: The New Economy

Today, you find more businesses are uniting together to make things happen. People are being creative and flexible and Krisallis is doing their part to advance. It is a give and take dynamic. “Our way is to be of assistance to our customers. The company tagline states enjoy life’s little luxuries. The luxury right now is maintaining and appreciating what you do currently have. Krisallis will always be here to offer you gems to uplift, inspire, and support you during those moments of good and trying times. Our jewelry pieces are not just metals but pieces that are here to give you confidence when you and your loved ones are in need.”

“ The future of business is all in how you look at your glass”

So, are you operating from a place of overflow? Are you going to give up or rise? How are your decisions reflecting your values? Asking these questions are important to create a sound strategy for your business and thrive.

Lisa confidently states that Krisallis is here to stay. “ We will continue to meet our customers' needs the best way we can”. Though the shipping system is not at its normal pace, it will still ship to those countries that are accepting packages.

The essence of Krisallis.

Our pieces are affirmations for the soul. They make excellent gift choices for moments like this when our loved ones need encouragement.

“I recently gave my daughter a fisherman rod piece to encourage her to push forward.

See, the Fisherman Rod set is a set that offers hope. It is an old saying that still has a valuable meaning today...


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