The New Normal is Digital

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and trying to define the new normal, the Fashion Councils of the major Fashion Capitals have all decided that the circumstances call for digital.

Ready or not, fashion houses have been pushed to make the transition to virtual platforms. The future is uncertain, but one thing we know is that adapting, flexibility, and connection, are some of the skills that will become a requirement. The Haute Couture Fashion Week, held in Paris every year had to transition to an online experience from July 6-8. Like every year, there was an agenda, the big names were present but, through their creative films.

Fashion houses submitted films no longer than 20 minutes that presented the Autumn/Winter 21 collections and expressed the brand's creative process. “Houses are becoming broadcasters,” says fashion show production company OBO founder René Célestin. “As such they are live streaming with several cameras, mixing media, collaborating with directors from the film industry or art.

Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing tapped Andrew Makadsi, the art director behind Beyoncé’s videos, to record the physical show that he staged on a boat and he took the opportunity to show the men’s collection as well.

KRYS footwear designer Lisa Anderson is releasing a sequence of miniature video clips highlighting the Ballsy Collection which is set to be release in the coming months. The collection was inspired by the growth of young business leaders taking on key roles in their respective fields.

Couture designer Ronald van der Kemp is presenting a series of short films but finds the digital format challenging. “The essence of couture is realness,” he says, noting that the event proves that new collections are not always essential to communicate.

Dior in particular drew inspiration in LE THÉÂTRE DE LA MODE which was a trunk show that traveled between the United States, London, and France to showcase haute couture pieces post-war back in 1945. The Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne spearheaded the staged tableaux composed of miniature mannequins, dressed in custom-made creations, accessorized with hats, and even jewelry.

Similarly, Dior presented its collection in miniature 21” tall mannequins. To launch it, they released a teaser campaign creating expectations on social media leading up to the big reveal July 6th. Customers will receive this miniature trunk show to have the full-on “experience” where the intricate work of the piece and the feel of the fabric will be appreciated.

Haute Couture is defined by the creativity, intricate work of the fabric and attention to detail that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high-quality, often unusual fabric and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers.

At Krisallis, attention to detail and delicate creative jewelry design is at the core of our collections. These platinum-plated, .925 silver earrings with miniature encrusted cubic zirconia, illustrate the intricacy of its construction. They are ideal for everyday use. Our button studs will elevate your style.

Digital fashion week allowed Couturiers to focus just on the garments and collections rather than the influencers and celebrities that may hurt more than convert sales. They have gained more control over what they want to explain and how. And that is a very good thing for the industry since it could help recover trades. The resilience of the industry shows us why they have been around for centuries. Not only they have strong professional teams and resources but their leadership took on the challenge by focusing on the possibilities not on the obstacles.

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