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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

"I grew up in Switzerland . I went to University of Geneva. I live and work in Reston, Viriginia since 2000. I love photography, art, helping others and walking outside." Sherry Bakhtiar is the owner of, a Home Health Care Agency located in Reston, VA. She is faced with trying to find simple supplies such as masks for her caregivers and clients to ensure their safety.

Ms. Bakhtiar, a lover of all things inspirational, started out of the love of helping others and thinking of her own parents. For Ms. Bakhtiar, her clients are her family. Every week she goes out of her way to visit each client. During these visits she will play games, speak to them, find out how they are doing overall. At the end of each visit, She takes the time out to report back to their family on how they are coping. At Ihelpreston, the goal is to make sure her clients get not only the attention and support they need, but to make them feel apart of a family.

"Things has been hard for the clients during this Covid times. They are frustrated by what's going on however, they are safe. They are practicing social distancing and are staying in. Fortunately, so far no one has not contracted the virus. Instead of visiting my clients in person, now I just call and check on them by phone. It is not the same. Some of them can not hear good so it makes the communication harder for them. I am asking for anyone who may have access to masks, willing to donate or know of a supplier that can ship to us without a long delivery rate to get in contact with us."

Things Sherry Bakhtiar loves and why?

"I love to inspire others and to teach. I look at my caregivers as partners and not as workers. I train my own caregivers and encourage them. We work as a team."

"I love Jewelry. My favorite pieces of jewelry are rings and bracelets. Most of my jewelry were giving to me by my beloved mother and family members. Each piece holds a sentimental meaning to me. Especially the pieces from my mother, these I hold dear to my heart now that she is no longer here."

Climbing A Mountain

I believe in Quality over Quantity. For this reason, I only accept clients within 25 miles of my location. I want to be able to provide the same level of care to all my clients so I only take on cases I know that I can handle."

The Other Side Bangle

To learn more about or to assist with masks please get in contact with Ms. Sherry Bakhtiar at Tel: 703-861-7933 or Emails: .

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