Trauma and Fear

For the last few weeks, I notice my dog who was attacked by two strange dogs has been hanging in the front of the yard since the incident. If he goes to the backyard to hang out, he will only go when someone is there. Fear has now settled in his spirit. Just like humans, we tend to become distant from what causes us pain. When trauma occurs it causes us to want to subconsciously put up our guard and stay clear of situations that will once again allow us to be vulnerable again.

Any form of trauma can leave wounds, memories, and an emotional pain point. I remember when the incident occurred, for days I saw defeat written all over my dog's face. Till today, you can tell he has not been the same joyful and happy-go-lucky dog since. As much as we, would like to make things go completely back to normal, the wounds may heal but the emotional pain still lingers.

There is trauma in all of us. We all have different experiences in life that cause us to think, react, and behave differently. Some of us take days to heal, while others take months and years. Few never heal at all. Trauma comes from many sources. Regardless of what type of trauma has occurred know there is a pain point attached.

Some people use this pain point as strength to move forward and help others while others allow this pain point to cripple them. We all have choices to remain living in fear and avoid anything that looks similar to opening a wound that causes the trauma or to walk with caution forward and to feel out the situation looking for triggers or signs of danger.

The memory will never leave you from the incident that caused you trauma, however, you have a choice in how you move forward. Acknowledging and accepting how you feel about the incident is the starting point. It is okay to feel how you feel and it is okay to move with caution. Just remember it is okay to heal and move forward also.

You were not meant to live in fear or but meant to spread your wings and fly. Trauma hurts, Fear paralyzes us, Healing moves us forward and Faith gives us wings and the freedom to fly.

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