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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As fashionable as Moms can be, Every Moms concern is safety and security of their family during these times. Moms, young and old have one thing in common this season. They all want the Coronavirus to disappear so they can get back to their normal lives. It does not matter whether they are old fashion, contemporary, rich, poor, young, or old, they all share the same feelings.

As Moms, it pains them not to be able to hug, kiss, or touch one another. Showing comfort has to be done in a more social distancing way. Moms attend to be the nurturer and the comforter of every family. Today, it can only be done through words or through gifts until life gets back to normal.

The Coronavirus has change the way Moms view life. What was certain today is not certain for tomorrow. It has change their views on spending time with each other, operating their business, and, letting go of irrelevant issues. The Coronavirus disruption has also made some families grow closer to each other. Families are finding creative ways to spend time and entertain each other.

Today the Founder of KRISALLIS shares a message with you. "From one mother to another mother: Keep smiling even when you feel like crying, these storms will pass. Hold on to your strength and remember we are all queens, built to survive these tests caused in life. I offer these gifts to keep sound in mind. Each jewelry piece sends a message of hope.

To My Fashion Moms:

Though your stilettos are parked, and you are in the house remember continue to dream in 3D. Find ways to let your light continue to shine.

The Blue Night Pedal tells its own tale. The beautiful deep blue suggests the calmness one needs to have during our darkest hour. The gold stripe signifies the courage it takes to endure. The center stone implies we are able to blossom through all the noise.

To My Business Moms:

This is the time to think out of the box and be creative. Don't be afraid to reach out to others and collaborate.

Purple Rain Studs describes the darkness in the sky. The white outline represents the light at the end of each tunnel. There are always opportunities in every negative situation. The Purple Rain Studs signifies one to find the purple in every dark sky.

To My Stay At Home Moms:

Your work is never done. You always seems to be the one to assist in more ways that one. Continue to lend a helping hand. You mastered the art of multitasking. When most need assistance, you need none.

The Leaf Set symbolizes fertility, growth, and prosperity. As a leaf dies, it renews itself each season. A mother maybe be tired, however, she always finds the strength to play wonder woman throughout her days.

To All Moms:

No matter how much is going on, each one of you are super stars. It maybe hard during this time, but we will get through this.

The Other Side Bangle is dressed with tiny crystal on both sides of the bangle. The main stone is a Swarvoski Crystal. The Other Side Bangle is indicates life is beautiful no matter where you are. Live in the present moment and cherish what you have. Everything can be taken away in a matter of a second.

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